Updating vista home

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Remember before starting the process that you’re connected to the Internet because during this step you’ll want to get the latest updates for the install. Custom would be used if you’re doing a clean install. There will be about three or four reboots while the process completes.After each reboot you should see different tasks on the list showing they have completed.Make sure all of the hardware that you normally run is connected to the computer before running it so everything is checked.If your machine is already running Vista, chances are it’s going to run Windows 7 without a problem.If you don’t have at least SP1 you will get an error and have to go back and install it.Upgrade Advisor Also you’ll want to run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which we previously covered.If you’re currently running Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 7, an in-place upgrade can be an easier option than a clean install.

The files and settings don’t transfer over exactly how you had them before but it’s just a matter of tweaking them a bit.

Hopefully you have complete backups of your data already.

If not, here are some backup solutions that we’ve previously covered.

Microsoft debuted Windows XP in late 2001, but Vista – codenamed Longhorn at the time – was originally pencilled in for a 2003 launch.

However it was delayed for years, and when it did finally launch – it was widely considered a flop.

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From today, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Vista.